Friday, June 6, 2008

Tank Emblems

These tank emblems were designed to replace the chrome Indian script logo that was taped to the sides of the gas tanks on the early model Indian Motorcycles that were produced. Later the chrome script was replaced with a painted logo that was under the clear coat. This made it difficult to put these tank emblems over the painted logo as the logo seemed to never be in exactly the same place. However, with a little patience and some slight adjustments we were able to cover the painted logo on all the bikes we were asked to help install the emblems on. The new 2009 Chief Vintage model has the original chrome Indian script on the tanks, thus making these an available option for these new 2009 Chief models. These are in plentiful supply in either chrome or gold plate. They have a double stick tape on the back that when attaching them in warm conditions using constant pressure for a few seconds will keep them in place on your bike. The emblems on my bike were originally installed in mid 2000 and were replaced a year later with a custom painted version that we offered as a limited edition and are still on the bike to this day. Detailed instructions to help you install the emblems will be included.
$160.00 Per Pair Chrome or Gold
$10.00 Shipping USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day Insured