Our Friend Mickey Jones has passed away, February 7, 2018

For anyone who did not know that Mickey Jones has passed on.....I offer this small tribute to a wonderful man, musician, actor and just all around great guy!!

Mickey Jones   This is a post from Michael Gregory's FB page: "Mickey has gone on to greener pastures. I was on my way to Simi Valley to say last goodbyes when Suzanne called and said, "Mickey passed away this morning around 2 AM". I stopped by to see Phyllis who was with him when he peacefully went to sleep. Pray for his Phyllis and his family. I would say that "he doesn't need prayers because If anyone deserved a pass right into heaven, it was Mickey Jones". He never met a stranger. He only met friends he hadn't met yet. Everyone who knew him, knew that. He gave of himself in an effort to help others and always to make the world a better place. I was honored to be his friend and to have shared time with him over the years.  See you on the other side, Brother. Keep on Rockin'!" 

I had planned on being at the funeral, but came down extremely ill and was so dizzy I could not fly.  Michael provided me with details of his funeral....I really wish I could have been there!

There was a standing room only, overflow crowd to celebrate the life of Mickey Jones at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Simi Valley today. His wife, Phyllis, wrote the words on the program below. Friends from all over came and shared their reminiscences of this truly "special" man. His longtime friend and former band mate, Johnny Rivers, spoke and sang at both the service and at the grave site with many tears flowing all around. Mickey gave so much love to so many that if anyone deserves the "EZ-Pass" into Heaven, it's Mickey Jones. It might not be thunder you hearing, but Mickey Jones playing in the Band of Angels. Rock On, My Brother!!

Mickey was a wonderful guy and anyone who knew him would say the same thing.  We will miss Mickey and he will always be remembered here on the Custom Indian Motorcycle Parts Blog Site!!  These are a couple of  my favorite photos of Mickey.........

God speed Mickey Jones....we all loved and admired you....till we meet again!! 


Getting a new paint job and new tank emblems!
Tank emblems on new Roadmaster.......

Clever idea....took the script from his tank after adding the chrome tank emblems and put it on the lower front fender....looks classic!!



Interested In Buying?

Updated February 22, 2018
Thanks for stopping by to view our custom made Indian Motorcycle parts. Please be sure to read the descriptions of parts to ensure you are ordering the right parts for your year of bike. If you have any questions be sure to contact us.  Shipping charges are shown below for each part, but if you are buying more than one, shipping will be combined to save you money. 
We are proud to now be offering some of these parts in a high quality show chrome from one of the countries best show chrome platters out of Salt Lake City. Please be aware that these pieces are available at an additional cost listed below. If you have any questions, please contact me at and I will get back to you as quickly as I can. If you wish to purchase any of the parts listed here on this page you may do so through PayPal using the email address . Also, we will ship internationally, but you will need to contact me to get a quote on shipping. If the quote is acceptable you can send payment through PayPal for the total amount.  I can accept checks but be aware that it will generally take 10 days once I have deposited the money before I get confirmation from my bank that the funds have been put into my account.
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Installing an Arrow Shift Rod on a 2015-2016 Indian Scout....yes it can be done!

Here is the debrief on the Arrowhead Shifter Rod  for the Indian Scout 2016 (and assuming 2015). Todd dug in and is providing detailed information that will hopefully help future 2016 Indian Scout Riders.

The Perfect scenario for your fellow Indian Scout 2016

CHALLENGE:  The Indian Scout 2016 shifter rod length is 13 ¾” your is 11 ¼”. Both are 5/16” 24 threaded

BEST SOLUTION      If length was increased to 13 ¾”, no extensions would be required                                   
             -Left Hand thread the back end of rod LH 5/16” instead of right hand thread                                                      -No additional parts would be required 
              -This would make for a very easy replacement!

This would allow the adjustment of shifter height to work as designed by Polaris. The LH threaded heim joint allows one to adjust the shifter peg up or down by just spinning the rod without removing the “Heim Joint”. That would make it a perfect fit!


I ordered two extensions a 3” and 2”. I also order one Right Hand (RH) Heim Joint to replace the original rear heim which is LH threaded. Once I received these items I was able to install the Arrow Shifter. I used the 2” extender which kept my shifter in the original position. If someone wants their shifter higher they may want a 3” extender

I would definitely prefer a LH thread on back end of Arrow Shifter. If you can make an Arrow Rod LH threaded on the feather end (rear) I would love to swap  mine out.

You should have all the information now. The last person you spoke with, I believe did not know it was a LH thread. That is why he machined either the Rod or the Heim Joint, to fit.
Thank you Todd for this valuable information for those who are interested in acquiring an arrow shifter for their new Scout.  I appreciate your time on this!


Gas Cap Covers

ALL Caps are 
Currently OUT OF

These covers were designed to fit on top of the original gas caps installed on the early model Indians, 1999 to 2000. Some of the later 2001 models had these caps, but then they shifted over to a very thin gas cap thus making it impossible for these caps to be installed. The new 2014 Chiefs have the same cap as the original Chiefs so these will work with the 2014 models.  I am working on getting info on the preceding models to see what caps were used on those models. If you measure the inside of the cap on the bottom edge to the double stick tape it is about 9/16".  Inside the center as best I can measure is about 3/4" deep to the double stick tape.  The cap opening is 2 7/8".  These are set up to allow enough clearance between the bottom of the cap and the tank so that the edge of the cap will not rub on your gas tank. These chrome caps are limited and have been taken down from the original chrome plating job and were sent into a custom show chrome shop to be completely redone. The caps are an excellent addition to your ride.

$225.00 in show chrome.  These caps have been put through extensive cleanup and added detailing to the final product.
Shipping runs $15.00 USPS Insured

PLEASE see Instructions on side of page for installation help!

Indian Chief Coil Cover

This coil cover is made out of a polished aluminum and only fits the 1999 & 2000 model chief motorcycles. If you own a 2001 chief that has the original style transmission, this will fit on your bike, but examine the picture here and compare your bike to this one to make sure. If you have the newer model transmission this cover will not work! We only have a very few of these left, less than a dozen, so when they are gone, they are gone. Please be aware that because these are made from a polished aluminum, they do show buffing marks and are not high polish like a chrome part. They look great, but require more up keep than chrome.
$15.00 Shipping USPS insured

Tank Emblems

These tank emblems were designed to replace the chrome Indian script logo that was taped to the sides of the gas tanks on the early model Indian Motorcycles that were produced. Later the chrome script was replaced with a painted logo that was under the clear coat. This made it difficult to put these tank emblems over the painted logo as the logo seemed to never be in exactly the same place. However, with a little patience and some slight adjustments we were able to cover the painted logo on all the bikes we were asked to help install the emblems on. The new 2009 Chief Vintage model has the original chrome Indian script on the tanks, thus making these an available option for these new 2009 Chief models. These are currently in plentiful supply in either chrome or gold plate. They have a double stick tape on the back that when attaching them in warm conditions using constant pressure for a few seconds will keep them in place on your bike. The emblems on my bike were originally installed in mid 2000 and were replaced a year later with a custom painted version that we offered as a limited edition and are still on the bike to this day. Detailed instructions to help you install the emblems are here on my site, be sure to read them over before installing your emblems!.
$205.00 Per Pair in Chrome 
$205.00 Per Pair in Gold
Add $20.00 for antiquing emblems
$15.00 Shipping USPS Insured

Please be aware that our Chrome and Gold supply has been replenished!!  We currently have 150 sets each of both finishes in stock.....thanks for your interest!!

For those of you who have new Indians and are interested in these, please be aware that if you have a non removable decal on your tank, the only way these will work is if you are planning on doing a new paint job on the tank and then adding the emblems.  If you have removable script or other type badge, these will replace them.  EXAMPLE: 

Indian Chief Arrow Shifter

These shift rods were designed to fit the Indian Chief Motorcycle 1999 thru 2001 as long as it has the original transmission from 99 thru 00.  They started putting in a new transmission in late 01 and the length of the shift rod got a bit longer..  They are 11 1/2" in length and are just a little short for the 2002 & 2003 Chiefs. This can be overcome by adjusting the shift lever arm forward to accommodate the length on some bikes or purchasing extended rod ends, or rod extensions for you bike that will add just enough for you to have a correct fit. These can be obtained from a motorcycle parts dealer, or online. I have posted a link in the right had column of this blog of a company who sells these types of items. Just click on the picture of the shift rods and it will take you there. The tread pattern on all our shift rods is 5/16". A good source has given me the measurement of the new shift rod on the 2009 Indian Chiefs and it looks like they are 13 1/2" long which means that either adjustment of shift lever arm or purchasing a 2" extension will do the trick. 
$205.00 in Chrome 
$205.00 in Gold
$235.00 High quality show chrome. 
The shift rods have been put through extensive cleanup and added detailing. 

$15.00 Shipping USPS Insured


Indian Scout Arrow Shifter

The Indian Scout shifter was made for the 2001 model bike and was 16" in length. Unfortunately, in 2002, Indian changed the length of the shifter to just over 14" thus making this shift rod too long. If you have a 2002 or 2003 Indian Scout, and you want to add a shifter to your bike, you will have to purchase a Chief Arrow Shifter and a shift rod end extension that is long enough to accommodate your application using the chief model shift rod. These extensions are available from motorcycle parts shops and also by looking on the internet as well. Here is a link for you to purchase 2" & 3" rod extensions:
With these extenders, you can make our 11 1/2" chief shifter rod work on many other motorcycle applications.  Be aware that Indian made some various changes depending on how they built the bikes and that the length may not always be what it is supposed to be, so I suggest you always measure the length of your existing shift rod to help me provide you with the right shift rod purchase.
$205.00 Chrome
$205.00 Gold - Found 1, when it's gone, they will be OUT OF STOCK
$235.00 high end show chrome fresh from the chrome shop
$15.00 Shipping USPS Insured

Here's a note I got from a recent customer that I wanted to share!!
Thank you so much for a beautiful job.
Your sincere communications to me making me feel like you were genuinely concerned that I was fully satisfied with my order was really refreshing. Your workmanship and product quality is superb.
I have not yet put them on the bike. Today I will apply them to my bike and ride with pride.
Your may use this reply on your website if you wish. You have my permission.
I’m currently the Secretary for the Indian Rider’s Group of Northern New Jersey. We are currently the largest Indian Rider’s Group in the country and still growing. I’m sure that when our and other rider’s group members see these tank emblems your business will increase.
Question: Do you make tank badges that will fit the Indian Scout? I’ve ordered a 2016 Indian Scout and would like to have your tank emblem on that bike too.
Please let me know.
Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and kindness towards me.
Sincerely, Gerry Barks Secretary IMRG of NNJ
Here's a little something different....I took a gold plated arrow shift rod and did some buffing work to it....I added it to my Harley that is white metallic that I have put chrome and gold combo parts on.  It added some personality to the shift rod...if it was furniture I think it would be classified as Shabby Chic!

Point Covers

This point cover features a full headdress and is available in either chrome or gold. The gold cover will be accompanied by two gold plated screws to compliment the appearance.
$45.00 Chrome
$45.00 Gold
$60.00 Gold buffed and antiqued 
Plus shipping

Here is a photo of a points cover on a 2014 Indian Chief thanks to Farmer with his horn mount and Larry up in Canada for his transmission mount, I appreciate you sending me these photos so we know these can be mounted on the new Indians!

We also have a limited amount of buffalo head point covers available.  These are only in chrome.  Please contact me to confirm we have this item to ship.  These will run $50 plus shipping and will come with a slight antiqued look to bring out the detail in the buffalo head. 



We are adding a new product to our site.  It will be available within approximately 30 days, pre-orders are being accepted.  Let me know what you think about this product.

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercoms. 
We are bringing you our new model  S-1 helmet bluetooth headsets as shown below.

Each rider can keep in contact with other riders up to 0.31 miles.
These will support up to 8 riders at the same time.

Pricing will be at $99.00 plus shipping!


Horn Dawg Leather Company

If your looking for some leather work to add to your ride, Horn Dawg Leather Company is the answer to where you should go. The owner of this company is a very good and trusted friend and will not only give you a top quality product, but will treat you right. You tell Joe that Mr.G sent ya when you contact him!! Click on this link:
Lou up in New Jersey sent me a couple of photos of his handiwork on our tank emblems.  The paint job is incredible and really adds major class to his ride.  Thanks for these Lou, you did an fanominal job, a true artist!!

Salt Lake Chrome

Family owned and operated, providing top quality service since 1967
I have known these folks personally since 1964 and grew up with the
guy now in charge. If you are looking to have any chrome work done
there is no place better than Salt Lake Chrome!


Lawrence over in Switzerland sent me these photos of his ride with our chrome tank emblems installed.  As it has always been said about the color black on a is beautiful!!  Thanks Lawrence!!

More Drifter Photos....Bernd over in Germany painted over the original Drifter decal and put on new Gold plated tank emblems.....looks sharp!!!

Here's what it looked like originally.....

Ron sent me a couple of photos of his new Indian, this is a real beauty!!